Userboxes are templates for user pages to give little facts about each user. It's easy to use them, here is an example:

{{Userbox|Name of building|1}}

Replace "Name of building" with the name of a building. The number 1 means that you like to building. Use 0 if you don't like the building. Here's another example:


{{Userbox|Empire State Building|1}}


Skyscraper Icon
This user likes the Empire State Building.


{{Userbox|Empire State Building|0}}


Skyscraper Icon
This user doesn't like the Empire State Building.

All users are welcome to create their own userbox or move userboxes from another wiki to here.

Create a Userbox

Name of Userbox:

This code will appear if you create a new Userbox:

{{Userbox 2
|border = lightgreen
|mainbg = #eaffe9
|imgbg = #bfeebb
|img = [[File:Skyscraper_Icon.png|thumb]]
|msg = This user likes Skyscrapers


  • border = color of the border
  • mainbg = backgrond color of your text
  • imgbg = background color of image
  • img = the code for the image you want to use
  • msg = text of your userbox

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