Two Prudential Plaza

The Two Prudential Plaza is a 303.3 meters (995 feet) high skyscraper in Chicago (United States). This building was built 1990 and has 64 floors. The building is the tallest concrete structure in the North American continent.


The skyscraper's material structure consists of reinforced concrete and glass. The building has a tapered structure in the upper floors with numerous granite angular recessions in the north & south faces and rectangular recessions in the west & east faces. The skyscraper is topped by a metal pire that stands twenty-four metres in height.


The tower was constructed by Loeb, Schlossman & Hackl in 1990 and is situated on North Stetson Avenue in the East Loop of Chicago. The property is now managed by real estate management corporation Jones Lang LaSalle. The tower actually shares its ground floor with its sister building, the One Prudential Plaza and has an underground car park.


Name: Two Prudential Plaza

City: Chicago

Country: United States

Height: 303.3 m (995 ft)

Status: Built

Built: 1990

Floors: 64

Use: Office

Construction time: 2 years (1988 - 1990)

Construction Types: Highrise

SSP Image: Image


  • The Prudential Plaza has been seen in the Batman film franchise and the Richie Rich film.

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